Show me The Booths!
Our NEW "Touch-Screen" booths are in and are the BEST
Photo Booths on the market. They are Faster, Easier to
Operate, and look the BEST at your event!!!
We own TEN of the
and highest
Photo Booths in
the industry.  You can
rent a single booth or all
ten booths depending
upon the size of your

These amazing machines
double strips
fully developed and cut
in only 8 seconds!
.  This
lightening fast speed
gives you
more pictures
during your party and the
best value!

We have taken these
Booths almost every
where from the Ritz
Carlton hotel to backyard
barbecues and every
where else.  
They are
always the life of the
Check now and see if your date is still available!
Five Star Amusements
We Deliver The Fun!